Encouraging Quartets

Paul Olguin gave a wonderful session about woodshedding at the 2014 Harmony University. 

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Here's some chord ringing from the Accoustix.

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From Music Man by Vocal Spectrum, "It's You"

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A ballad from Newfangled Four that exemplifies our style.

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Darwin Scheel gives us rules for tag teaching.  Click here:

The Singing Angels, Cleveland, OH 

A special night for quartet activities has been tried for several years with a Colorado group. 

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The Arizona Quartet Chapter of the BHS(D-72) resulted from a rescue of the failing Scottsdale chapter in 1999. Find out more:

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Here's how the Orange Quartet Chapter, CA (D-55) runs things:

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When a Barbershopper starts in a chorus, he learns songs. How should he develop into a quartet singer?

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