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The Who, What, Where, & Why of the BQPA

The Barbershop Quartet Preservation Association (BQPA) is an international group of individuals dedicated to the preservation and performance of traditional barbershop quartet singing following arrangement and lyric guidance set forth in our Style Definition.

The BQPA encourages local associations of singers and chapters to concentrate on developing quartets that choose to sing the "old Songs" reminiscent of the music of earlier years. Our style definition describes barbershop quartet harmony as it was performed in the early days of the S.P.E.B.S.Q.S.A. and is worthy of preservation.

The general public has supported the old time barbershop quartet singing by attending thousands of barbershop shows featuring parades of quartets, as well as the slap stick comedy quartets often seen on the vaudeville stage. We perform this style of music for our own enjoyment, to entertain and educate the public, and to provide opportunities for other individuals to participate in the joy of this authentic American musical art form.

The BQPA holds at least two weekend long Barbershop Quartet Festivals per year promoting quartet activity among all attendees. Our festivals will also encourage woodshedding and the sharing of our singing talents with others from all over the world. There will be special emphasis on sharing fun and fellowship in a non-stressful atmosphere.

We host a pick up quartet contest on Friday night of our festivals. Willing participants place their names in one or more of four voice part bags. Pick up quartets are formed by randomly drawing a name from each bag. The BQPA has been enjoying this type of activity for 25 years with great success. Awards will be presented to the top three quartets, as determined by our judging panel.

We also host a quartet show on Saturday night of the festivals, where organized amateur quartets and the winning quartet from the Friday night contest are invited to perform.

All barbershop singers are invited to participate in the BQPA festivals.

BQPA Board of Directors