To All Lovers of Traditional Barbershop Quartet Singing

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Barbershop harmony is unique, challenging, and highly entertaining. 

When I heard Tom Neal conduct the Cleveland Chapter Barbershop Chorus in 1965, I was enraptured, and realized we must include this All-American music in our newly-formed children's chorus repertoire.

It was a wise matter where we performed, the kids were invariably rewarded with a standing ovation after each barbershop number.

Invited to sing at the S.P.E.B.S.Q.S.A. International Convention at Pittsburgh in 1994 for an audience of 10,000 people, the Angels received a standing ovation after EACH of the five barbershop numbers we performed!

In 1966, Tom Neal introduced the children, ages 8 through 17, to the disciplines, and intense rehearsals required to sing this very close harmony style of singing.

The results have been marvelous, and traditional barbershop harmony has been a mainstay of each of our many thousands of performances for over 40 years...all over the world.

Over 7000 children have now learned and loved this wonderful form of timeless music over the many years of our existence. It will always be a large part of the Singing Angels performances!

Bill Boehm
Founder, The Singing Angels
Cleveland, Ohio
August 21,2005