Barbershop Quartet Preservation Association

The BQPA “Key Notes” file is a PDF document that you are encouraged to print out and distribute, as a promotional item for BQPA/Pioneers and our festivals.. The document consists of two pages: a BQPA/Pioneers flyer on the front page, and a Key Notes song list on the back page. The song list is self-explanatory. The flyer is a generic one, mentioning spring and fall festivals but without specific dates or details about the particular locations. It refers the reader to our website for the details. If you print 10 copies of the document, you’ll get 20 pages printed out: 10 song lists and 10 flyers. If you then just turn that pile of pages over, put it back into your printer and print 10 more copies, the 20 song lists will all have the flyers on their reverse sides.

Or, if you have two-sided printing capability, print as many as you like.

Hand ‘em out to enthusiastic quartetters, male or female. Or leave a small pile of them at any barbershopping event: shows, afterglows, conventions, contests, retreats. Stick your name and address labels to them, if you want, so there’s someone to call if there’s a question.

For the pocket size Key Notes, Print pages 1&2; flip the pages and print on the back.
Or print two sided if you can.
Cut pages to about 5 1/2 inches and fold to fit pocket.