Barbershop Quartet Preservation Association





This event is ALWAYS the first (1st) weekend after Labor Day.

When:  Sept 5,6,7,8, 2018

Where: Best Western Hotel

           4400 Frontage Road

.          Hillside,IL.60162

708-544-9300    708.544.9310(F) 


Room Rate $89.25 per night

 Free buffet breakfast every morning

 Shuttle to/from O'Hare airport ONLY


Please call or e-mail the hotel direct when making your reservations by July 28,and be sure to tell them that you are with the BQPA/Pioneers in order to get the rate of $89.25.  If you wait until after July 28, the room  rate goes to $101.15.  You can cancel 24 hours before arrival.

See page 2 for directions from Midway airport to the hotel using public transportation.

A lot of people come on Wednesday and get a head start, why not see if you can do so.

There will be golf on Thursday and Friday. 

Dave Brady is our golf chairman and can be contacted at;

 847.259.3338 or 847.707.2182 or

If you are planning on golfing,PLEASE sign up with Dave as early as possible so he will have a good idea as to how many tee times we will need for each day.Let him know if you will play both days or just one.

This will be our 6th year at this hotel and all of our members really enjoy it and the hotel really goes out of their way to please us. So if you have not been to the Chicago BQPA/PIONEERS in a while ,do yourself a big favor and come on out, you'll be very pleased you did, I guarantee it.

Chicago Festival Chairman

Gerry Carroll

3224 Sarah Street

Franklin Park,Il. 60161

630.675.4694 (C)

 Talent Chairman

Raymond Schwarzkopf

Golf Chairman

Dave Brady


Page 2 has directions from Midway airport to the hotel.

 Instructions for getting to the “Best Western Hotel” from Mid-Way airport

For you people that will be flying into Midway airport for the Chicago festival, here are the directions from Midway via Chicago Transit Authority (CTA).

After collecting your luggage, look for and follow signs “TRAINS TO CITY –CTA”. It is a fairly long walk-probably five minuets or more (depending on age). Enter Orange Line MIDWAY station of CTA and get on train marked LOOP toward downtown. Get off at HAROLD WASHINGTON LIBRARY (State and Van Buren streets) downtown. Descend to street and walk a block West to Dearborn Street and turn North. Look for a stairway down from sidewalk to the BLUE LINE. It’s in the first block, but if is closed there are more entrances in the next blocks north. Take a train to “FOREST PARK” which will be the end of the line (Des Plaines Avenue).

Call the Best Western Hotel at 1-708-544-9300 and they will send a shuttle to pick you up.

The fare is presently $2.25 (May 8, 2013), but may go up between now and September. I recommend buying a fare card and loading it with enough money to get to Hillside and back to the airport for your return trip. If you use a fare card, you can get a transfer from the Orange line to the Blue line for $0.25, rather then pay another full fare. Check with the station agent at the Midway station before buying the fare card to verify the amounts.

Good Luck,

Festival Chairman

Gerry Carroll

630-675-4694 ©